Isma lives!

At 9 months old, little Isma weighed only 8 pounds. She was born into extreme poverty in one of the poorest slums in Haiti. Her mother, Marie, sometimes only had a spoonful of banana soup to feed her starving little girl. But now, thanks to the compassion of Food For The Poor donors, Isma weighs more than 13 pounds, and she is on the road to recovery!

Today, this precious little girl is much healthier, and eagerly eats every bit of food Marie lovingly spoons into her mouth. Isma now bounces up and down like a typical healthy baby, interested in everything around her. She is alert and aware instead of sluggish from malnutrition. Instead of crying from hunger, she smiles.

Seeing Isma so healthy is an answer to Marie’s prayers. She prayed constantly for God to save her daughter. “I feel better because the baby is doing better. I believe in God so I knew God would send someone to help.”

Marie is so grateful to you for helping her daughter. “In the name of God and Jesus, we are doing better, both of us, thanks to you. Otherwise, we would have been dead,” she said.

When we first met Isma