Light in the darkness now for baby Jasmine

The dark, tiny shack in Haiti where young Jasmine used to live is gone now. Once it housed Jasmine, her siblings, her mother and grandmother Lorrette. The shack was stifling hot inside, like an oven beneath Haiti’s broiling sun, and when it rained the inside would get soaked. There was no door to lock to keep Jasmine and her siblings safe.

Thanks to Food For The Poor’s generous donors, Jasmine and her family now live in a solid, concrete house where they are safe from storms. There is solar-powered lighting so they will have light in the darkness, and a real door that can be locked against strangers so Jasmine and her siblings will be safe. They are so grateful that kind and compassionate people like you cared enough to make a difference!

“God is truly almighty. God will never start doing work and not finish. This is only the beginning for us,” Lorrette said.