Jessica’s prayers for a home are answered

Nine-year-old Jessica would sit on a moldy, damp mattress in a rusty zinc-and-cardboard shack in Honduras and pray for a new house. When it rained, the dirt floor of her home turned to mud. When the wind pounded, the flimsy walls would shake and frighten Jessica and her siblings.

Through the outpouring of love and generosity from Food For The Poor donors, Jessica’s prayers were answered and she now lives in a solid concrete home with a roof that doesn’t leak and a door that locks. Her house even has jalousie windows to keep out the rain, roaches and rodents.

“I asked God and God answered my prayers. He always answers prayers. You just have to pray with love,” Jessica said.

Thanks to the kindness of compassionate people like you, Jessica now goes to school and has her very own Bible she reads from every day. She and her family are so happy and grateful living in their solid Food For The Poor home that generous people like you helped provide!

“Our change is so big. I am working. I can make a living. We live safe and clean. Little by little, we will get ahead. I have strong faith,” Jessican’s mother said.