A mother’s desperate pleas, answered

Riddled with parasites and weighing nearly a quarter less than a typical 1-year-old, Jonathan’s second birthday seemed like something his mother would have to beg God for.

The tiny toddler, who looked more like an infant, had stopped playing, walking and eating by the time he came into the care of Sister Edna, who runs the nutritional center that Food For The Poor donors built in rural Guatemala.

“ ...hopefully, God doesn’t want him to die,” his mother, Sophia said, when she brought him in.

Her prayers have been more than answered, helped by the loving generosity of Food For The Poor donors who supported Jonathan’s monthlong hospitalization and three-month treatment at Sister Edna’s center.

Back at home with his parents and two siblings, running around and munching on a cookie, the precious child now has a better chance of staying healthy. The flimsy shack the family was living in has been replaced by a solid house through Food For The Poor donors’ efforts.

His mother’s heart overflows with gratitude for the donors who made it all possible. “God bless you,” she said. “Anywhere you go, may God take care of you.”