Prayer and faith transformed Jovani

Jovani and her siblings used to pray for an end to their relentless hunger and relief from the misery of living in a tiny, leaky shack in Haiti. Their living conditions were horrendous and food was often scarce. When there was nothing to eat, Jovani would join with her older sister Francesca and older brother Magenes in getting on their knees with their mother Marie to pray.

Jovani would recite Psalm 118 while Francesca read from the Bible. Their mother encouraged them to pray when things were bad. All they had was their faith in God that things would get better.

And then their prayers were answered! Today, Jovani and her family offer a different kind of prayer to God ― a prayer of thanks and praise. Thanks to kind, generous donors of Food For The Poor, the family now has a safe home that keeps out the wind and the rain, with solar-powered lighting to illuminate the inside. The entire family is doing better, thanks to the income Marie is earning from her new Food For The Poor sewing machine. The children are happier, and they no longer worry about where their next meal will come from.

Marie and her children are extremely grateful for the generous donors who made these blessings possible.

“The name of God is glorified. Thank you very much. A house is a great thing. I’d never have the money to build it, so I am grateful,” she said.