A New Home for Junick's Family

In her darkest hour, Junick cried out to God to end her family’s suffering. “I said, ‘God, I can’t live like this. Can you take me and the kids; I can’t live like that.’ ”

When we met Junick and her two children in rural Haiti, her home was crumbling into its sand foundation. Junick was born and raised in this home and still shared it with her 85-year-old mom. The house was so unsafe that every night the local church staff unlocked the church doors so that Junick and her family could sleep in safety. During rainstorms, Junick’s neighbors often took them in.

But now, your loving support has turned Junick’s suffering and cries unto the Lord into prayers of thanksgiving for a brand new home. As soon as she moved in, Junick praised God. “I prayed and I thanked God, and I thanked God for the people who donated this house for me, and to bless them and to protect them so they may continue to help people in projects like this,” Junick said.

As a result of your generosity, Junick has been able to bless others as you have blessed her. “Yesterday there was a lot of rain… and yesterday, I sheltered a lot of people in my house,” Junick said. “These are people who used to shelter me, but now that I have a house, I shelter them.”

When We First Met Junick