From Fear to Gratitude

Whenever the wind blew around her ramshackle home in Jamaica, Kenisha was terrified the tiny shack would crash down on top of her and her sons, 2-year-old Miguel and 6-year-old Javont. The house, made of rusty zinc and held together by bits of rope, would violently shake and threaten to fall off the side of the dangerous hill it sat on.

“I pray that the house doesn’t fall on top of me and the children when the breeze is strong...” Kenisha said.

But thanks to the generosity of Food For The Poor donors, Kenisha and her family now live in safe and secure home with a door that locks. When the wind howls, there is now peace and thanksgiving instead of terror and suffering. Because of our loving donors, Kenisha can sleep well, knowing that her children are no longer in danger.

“I give God thanks,” Kenisha said.