A safe home for Launi

Little 7-year-old Launi would constantly plead with her mom to find the family a permanent home. Launi was weary from being constantly uprooted and living in unsafe shacks. The close-knit family lived a nomadic life, having to move anytime their rent increased.

Launi’s mom, Juana ― who was born with one arm ― received a small plot of land from the mayor of her municipality in Honduras. The children and their mom gathered anything they could find to build a house. They used scraps of zinc, plastic sheets, and bamboo twigs pieced together to form an unsafe shack that barely sheltered the family.

Wind and rain howled through the tiny home, the muddy floors caused fungus to creep onto the children’s feet, and mosquitoes were a constant nuisance. Launi and her siblings were often sick and exhausted.

Food For The Poor donors heard about Launi’s plight, and through their support they helped build a new home for this sweet girl and her family.

Today, Launi and her family live in a solid, concrete Food For The Poor home. Launi is so happy she can’t even pinpoint what she likes best about her new house, because she likes it all: “Everything! Nothing bothers me now.”

The family now sleeps through the night, the children are healthier, and they are even doing better in school.

Juana is especially grateful for the new home. “We are very happy,” she said. “My children are happy…”

When we first met Launi