Terror turned to joy

Every night, Lavona would wake up in a panic to check the rickety doors to her rundown shack, terrified that they could be opened and a stranger could come into her bug- and rat-infested home. Since the doors didn’t lock, she could only put a small, easily broken latch on the door.

One night she woke up to find her door wide open, but no one around. The thought of someone walking into her home where she lived in Jamaica and possibly hurting her children, 3-year-old Lamar and 1-year-old Omarian, was frightening.

“It’s very scary and unsafe for my kids,” she said.

But thanks to God and kindhearted Food For The Poor donors, Lavona’s prayers for a new home have been answered! She and her family now live in a new home and no longer have to worry about strangers easily breaking in.