A New Life for Leisha

Leisha and her two small children used to live in old, dilapidated coal shed in Jamaica. It was miserably hot, musty and completely unsafe. Leisha did the best she could to care for her little ones, but with no source of income, every day was about finding a way to survive in their shack of rotten, splintered wood and rusty zinc sheets.

As bad as the shed was, prior to living there, Leisha and her kids were homeless.

“Every day, in the morning and the night, I stood by the road and asked people if they had a place we could live,” Leisha told us when we met her.

Today, Leisha’s life has been completely transformed. Thanks to the kindness of Food For The Poor donors who were moved by her family’s plight, she now has a new home and a new lease on life. She is determined to make the most of this opportunity to improve her kids’ lives.

Since receiving her new home, Leisha has started a vegetable garden. She’s also received a chicken coop to provide a reliable, steady source of income and nutrition.

Leisha is grateful to God for all these tremendous blessings. “Thank you God! I’m so happy every day … words can’t express…”

Words might not be able to express how elated Leisha is, but her smile says it all.

When We First Met Leisha