Safety and security for Louisene

Not long ago, 4-year-old Louisene used to worry every night about getting bit by rats in the tiny shack she lived in with her parents and two siblings in Haiti. Built after the 2010 earthquake, the piecemeal house was nothing more than wood and loosely woven palm fronds. It was so small her parents had to sleep outside.

In addition to the bugs, rats and heat, the rain made their lives miserable. During storms, Louisene’s mom, Betty, would pick her up and hold her in the driest corner of the shack so Louisene could try to keep sleeping. The family was in desperate need of safe shelter.

Food For The Poor donors heard of Louisene’s plight, and through their support, helped to build this little girl and her family a new house.

Today, Louisene and her family live in a solid, concrete Food For The Poor home. She is no longer getting bit by rats as she sleeps at night. There is enough space inside their new home for the entire family. And when it rains, Louisene can lie in her bed peacefully and listen to the rain fall on the roof, without the worry of getting wet.

Betty, her mother, is deeply grateful for the family’s new, safe home. “I give thanks to God, because without Him, I wouldn’t have a place to live and I’d still be getting wet in the rain,” she said.

When we first met Louisene