A new home and a new life for Maudiel

Maudiel used to live in a flimsy shack in Nicaragua that was strung together with sticks, dried palm fronds and plastic. It was the kind of structure that looked like it would stand no chance against a strong wind, or even a well-placed kick.

Every time it rained, water would pour through Maudiel’s house like a river and soak all their meager belongings. His dad, Nicolas, would do his best to plug the holes in the tarp roof, but it was no use.

Every night, they prayed. They prayed for safety. They prayed their house would not collapse on top of them.

Today, thanks to the compassion of Food For The Poor donors, Maudiel’s family now lives in a beautiful, safe and solid home. Their roof no longer leaks. They no longer live in fear of the next storm.

Nicolas now has a new prayer he shared with us: “Thank you God for this house you got for me and my family, so we can have a new life.“

Maudiel and his siblings now have a safe shelter where they grow up healthy, safe and protected.

When We First Met Maudiel