A House with No Walls

In Nicaragua, Petronila lived in fear. Her home was a dangerous, rickety shack that had no walls. Whenever it rained, water would pour in from every direction. “… We couldn’t sleep because we would get wet,” Petronila said. “The children would miss school because they would get their backpacks and their notebooks wet.”

Her worst nightmare was the wind. Each gust filled Petronila with dread that the rusted, leaky roof would come crashing down on her children.

Struggling every day to feed her 2-year-old son, Kevin, and his siblings, Petronila never had enough money to build a safe, secure house. So, she did the only thing she could do … she prayed.

Thanks to the love and compassion of people like you, Petronila’s prayers have been answered and they are now safe and dry in their new secure Food For The Poor home.

“Thank you, God, for giving me this new home,” she said, also thanking the donors, “who helped us get this house.”