New House, New Life

Rosheda is a single mom in Jamaica who raised her young children, Kamar, 8, Rajey, 6, and Kadija, 4, in an abandoned chicken coop, until the owner wanted to start raising chickens. The owner let Rosheda move into the back of a shack two feet from the coop. But inside, the heat was unbearable, and the roof and walls were patched together with pieces of rusty tin. Rosheda put buckets out every time it rained to stop her floor from getting soaked and muddy.

This loving mom did her best to comfort her children in the stifling heat, while rats ran in and out, taking any scraps of food that Rosheda set aside to feed her family. She never gave up and remained faithful to God.

“I was looking for a better life, for a better home to make my children happy, for better things,” Rosheda said.

Because of the generosity and compassion of donors like you, Rosheda and her children now live safely in a Food For The Poor home.

“I’m much more comfortable. I feel totally different and totally happier, because when I was there, I was sad. There, I was like an animal,” Rosheda shared. “So, I thank God for the house. I feel so good.”