A new home in Haiti for a faithful family

Life in Haiti was hard for 9-year-old Shanika and her family. They lived in a house that was crumbling and leaking. When it rained, they were forced to leave their home and stay with neighbors in order to stay dry. Their house had no real door to lock against strangers, and keep the children safe.

With no job or means to earn an income, Shanika’s mother, Lexinette, couldn’t provide for her children. As a result, some days, the children didn’t have anything to eat.

“Mama, I am hungry,” Shanika would cry to her mother.

But you shared the love of Christ and reached out to help. Because of you, and others like you, Shanika’s family and many others have a safe, secure Food For The Poor house and an income-generating project to help them climb out of poverty.