The miracle of a home for Vinitia’s family

Not long ago, Vinitia was a poor mother hoping and praying for the best. She watched her children suffer, but she had nothing to give them.

Rats and other rodents often scurried across the dirt floor of her family's rusted-out shack. The walls and roof were rotting away and riddled with gaps. They had no food. They had no security. They had no hope. And then you stepped in to help.

The same week our Food For The Poor team visited them in Jamaica, the family had just moved in to their brand new home and the children were jumping for joy.

“The kids just fell over, happy, clapping,” Vinitia said. “They were so excited. They say, ‘Mommy, we really get a house!’”

The children are especially grateful for their new home’s sanitation. “When they had the old house, they didn’t know about the bathroom or the flush toilet,” Vinitia said. “Now, they know all about it.”

Thank you for transforming the lives of this family and helping a loving mom like Vinitia provide a better life for her precious children. “We just feel so happy!” Vinitia said.

She asked us to share this message with donors like you:

“I ask God to help them do more for others,” Vinitia said. “Give them the strength. Guide and protect, in God’s name.”

When we first met Vinitia