A Second Chance for Wilson

Wilson used to crawl around his family’s dirt-floor hut in Guatemala in search of food to eat. Severely malnourished at just 2 years of age, his belly was filled with parasites and his hair was falling out.

His parents, Jose and Cecilia, felt helpless to save their little boy. Jose did the best he could to find work, but he rarely earned enough to provide food for everyone.

“I pray to God for my child to be healthy. When there is no food, I try to beg from a neighbor,” Cecilia told us when we first met her.

Thankfully, shortly after we met him, Wilson was admitted to a Food For The Poor-supported nutritional center, where he was nursed back to health. He gained weight, and eventually gained enough strength to stand and walk for the first time in his life.

We are elated to say that Wilson is now a robust, healthy and active little boy. Thanks to you, this precious little boy received a second chance at life!

When We First Met Wilson