The Power of Faith

“Sometimes, I just feel like giving up on life,” Yanique cried. Every day she would wake up, desperately wondering how she would feed her little girls, especially 2-month-old Kaleela. Yanique had no money to buy food, and sadly knew that to feed her baby girl, she was going to have to beg for some juice.

The shack Yanique lived in in Jamaica was a tiny, decaying chicken coop. And when it rained, there was no escaping the water blowing into the coop and soaking everything, including the children and the bed. “Everywhere there is mud and water,” she said. As a result, her precious little girls were often sick. “Every time it rain, they get sick with colds,” Yanique said.

Through the loving compassion and kind generosity of donors like you, Yanique and her precious little girls sleep soundly each night on comfortable beds, in a safe, secure and dry Food For The Poor home.