Extreme Poverty

More than 1 billion children are living in poverty.

One of the most consistent themes throughout Scripture is the idea that we are called to help the poor, uplift the oppressed, and show compassion for those in need. This is the basis for all we do at Food For The Poor, and the reason why we work to alleviate extreme poverty.

Nations of abundance are blessed to have a tremendous amount of resources dedicated to help those in need. The poor of the Caribbean and Latin America have no such assurances. There are no safety nets for those who are mired in extreme poverty.

How You Can Help Fight Poverty

In addition to emergency relief (such as Feeding Centers and Nutritional Clinics) to help in the short-term, you can also offer long-term, sustainable solutions to extreme poverty in the Caribbean and Latin America through various income-generating projects. Some of these micro-enterprise initiatives include:

  • Fishing village projects in Jamaica, Honduras and Haiti
  • Agricultural research and training centers in Nicaragua, El Salvador and Jamaica
  • Tilapia farms in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, the Dominican Republic and Haiti
  • Animal rearing projects
  • Woodworking shops
  • Sewing enterprises
  • Automobile repair shops
  • Bakeries
  • Women's training centers in Guatemala and Honduras

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