Orphaned or Abandoned Children

There are more than 132 million orphaned or abandoned children in the world.

Every child deserves safe shelter, plenty of food and a chance to get an education. Sadly, millions of orphaned, abandoned or neglected children throughout the Caribbean and Latin America don’t have a safe place to call home.

So many precious little ones are trying to survive day to day – unprotected from abuse, hunger, violence and sickness. We are on a mission to rescue and protect these vulnerable children.   

How You Can Help Orphaned or Abandoned Children

Our loving donors support homes that take in orphaned or abandoned children. Through the compassionate support of our Angels Of Hope program, you can sponsor a precious child living in one of these homes. Your support can give precious children all they need to grow up healthy – mentally, physically and spiritually.

When you become an Angel Of Hope sponsor, you can instill hope, love, values and work ethic in a young person who could have fallen through the cracks. Together, we can empower orphaned or abandoned children and give them a chance to become the leaders of tomorrow.

You Can Help