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In honor of Giving Tuesday, start your own fundraising page to help reach our goal of providing 48 homes to poor children and their families in 48 hours.
Through a special matching-gift (up to $500,000) challenge, gifts we receive toward housing by midnight December 3
will be doubled to help build two-bedroom homes for desperately poor families.

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Clean Water


What we can easily access with the twist of a tap is considered a precious gift by the the poor. Start a fund to drill and install a water well that will improve the health of an entire village.


Safe Housing


Just $3800 can provide a destitute family with a safe and secure new home with sanitation. The gift of a house is a lasting and loving gift that will change lives forever!


Farm Animals


Give a gift that will multiply over the years and be a lasting source of income for hard-working families! Goats require little maintenance and provide families with nutritious milk and cheese.




Rice and beans are an important source of protein and nutrients for children and families who may otherwise starve. Start a fund to end the cries of hunger by funding 5,000 lbs of rice and beans!


Medical Aid


Medical clinics provide essential, accessible care and medicines to the poor for treating illnesses. Create a fund to help with the necessities to keep these clinics operational.




Schoolchildren who learn computer skills are better equipped to further their education and become competitive in the workforce. Provide a school with six computer workstations.

Join us in changing lives and fighting poverty
Your donations in action

For 37 years Food For The Poor has:


more than
homes for families in need of safe shelter.


children in developing countries by building over 400 schools.


more than 2 million fruit trees to provide nutrition to the poor.


more than
of life-saving aid supplies.


the poor from deadly diseases with more than 2,600 drinking water systems.