Become a Champion

Top 5 steps after making your page

1) Get personal. Adding your own message, photos, and videos lets you share your passion with others by telling them firsthand why they should donate. Get them excited about your cause by speaking personally and from the heart.

2) Be your first donor. Making a donation to your own page shows potential supporters you are serious about helping the cause.

3) Reach out. Send individual emails to your closest friends and family and ask them to donate to your page and also to share it with others by providing your URL. These are the people most likely to support you and sending personalized messages really goes the extra mile in garnering that support. Then send emails to anyone else you would like to donate to your page.

4) Harness the power of social media. Post often about your page to all your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can even SnapChat it; just remember to always include your URL so people can find your page!

5) Set a deadline. Remember the kid that always waited until the night before an exam to study? Put procrastinators into action by setting clear deadlines on when you'd like to achieve your fundraising goal. This also helps when following up with those who have yet to donate as you approach your deadline.

Remember, successful fundraisers have the following in common:

  • A belief in the cause
  • A commitment to follow through

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Ways to reach out to friends and family

Build a fundraising strategy by starting from the inside and work outwards by creating a list of all your potential supporters. This means reaching out to those friends and family members closest to you and working outward towards your broader circle.

Why not just send a mass email to everyone at once?

  • Sending personal messages to your closest contacts is more likely to get them to support you.
  • Building a core set of supporters also increases the chances of people from your outer circles to give.
  • People become more likely to donate to your fundraiser as it reaches closer to its goal.
  • Building a solid fundraising plan helps you set goals, know who to ask for support, follow-up with donors and non-donors alike, and achieve success!

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Writing effective emails about your Fundraiser

We’ve created an email template you can access and use right from your Champions Center fundraising page. You can also copy and paste from the samples below. The most important step is to personalize these messages and let your supporters know why this matters to you.

Sample email appeal

Hi [NAME],

I’m writing to tell you about something I’m very passionate about. I believe that everyone has a right to a dignified life and I’m committed to eradicating poverty. My heart goes out to those in need and I know that together, we can be the change we want to see in the world.

That’s why I’ve decided to take my interest in serving the impoverished to the next level by joining Champions For The Poor, a personal fundraising program through Food For The Poor.

I need your help in this endeavor. I am determined to raise ― [$X] ― and I am confident I can reach this goal with your help.

Your donation will directly aid in helping someone who has nothing. Please donate to my cause today and together we will change the future for someone in desperate need.

To learn more or to donate, please go to:[YOUR_URL]

Thank you,

Sample follow-up message

Dear [NAME],

I have made progress since I starting my Champions For The Poor fundraising page. Thanks to the generosity of my supporters, I have raised [$X] so far.

I am [$Y] away from reaching my goal. Any amount you can give will be appreciated and will directly help relieve the suffering caused by extreme poverty.

Can you please make a donation today? To see who else has donated and to donate now, please go to[YOUR_URL]

Thank you,

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Top notch ways to utilize social media for your cause

Once you’ve sent your initial batch of emails, use social media as the next tool to fundraise for your page. Create some posts using photos or videos and share your webpage link. Post regular updates on your fundraising progress. One of the best strategies to use on Facebook and Twitter is tagging and thanking people that have already donated. Remember, people are more likely to give when they see others have stepped up first.

Use these sample messages along with our social media gallery imagesto boost your campaigning:

Sample Facebook Posts

  • I’ve become a Champion for the poor to help [STATE YOUR PROJECT/CAUSE] through @Food For The Poor. Please help me save someone from poverty by making a donation to my Champions page. Thanks! [LINK TO YOUR CHAMPIONS PAGE]
  • My birthday is coming up and this year, I’d love if you could give me the greatest gift of all … a donation to help change the world! Please check out my Champions page fundraiser through @Food For The Poor and make a donation to [STATE YOUR PROJECT/CAUSE]. Thanks! [LINK TO YOUR CHAMPIONS PAGE] Sample Twitter Posts
  • I’m fundraising through #championsforthepoor to fight poverty! Check out my fundraiser and help change the world [SHORT LINK]
  • Help me change the world! Please donate to my #championsforthepoor page benefitting @foodforthepoor. Check it out: [SHORT LINK]

How to Share Links on Twitter

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Following-up with people that haven’t donated

Following up with non-responders is essential to successful fundraising. It’s very easy for someone to miss your initial request so a friendly reminder can help.

Create personal fundraising goals for yourself with a timeline for achieving each. For example, say you’d like to raise $3200 in 6 weeks. You can set a personal goal for $400 each week until you reach your total.

Reach out to everyone and let them know your progress along the way. Remind those who have yet to give about your deadline.

Social media is a great medium for posting regular progress updates. It not only helps others keep up-to-date on where you are in your fundraising goal, but it also serves as a reminder to your cause for those non-donors.

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Thank your donors

Let your donors know you how much their gifts mean to you.

When someone makes a donation to your page, you will receive email notification and an update will also be seen from your Champions’ dashboard. Send your donors a quick thank you note. Here are some ways to show your appreciation:

  • Give the person a shout-out on social media by tagging them on Facebook and Instagram or sending a Tweet.
  • Send a personal email.
  • Reply with a quick note directly from your Champions Dashboard.
  • Write a personal thank you note or call them directly.

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