Video testimonials from featured donors

Wondering how it might feel to work with Food For The Poor as a donor? The testimonials below, from individuals who have contributed to the organization, will give you a sense of what it’s like to partner with Food For The Poor.

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Bernard "Burn" Loeffke

Retired Maj. Gen. Bernard "Burn" Loeffke talks about why he chose Food For The Poor as his charity of choice.

Kat Landa

Kat Landa describes why she chose Food For The Poor as her charity of choice.

Patricia Shanley

Patricia Shanley reflects about donating,“The amount doesn’t matter that much, it’s the action of giving…”

Robert Brands

Robert Brands explains, “You aren’t just giving money that’s being used for a one time event… in our case we donated to build some small houses and it’s something that stays…”

Jeff Ostroff

“When you are helping somebody else it is as if you were doing it directly to Jesus,” says Jeff Ostroff.

Louren Cooper

Louren Cooper believes that every single penny makes a difference.

Gary Faysash

Gary Faysash explains how much of your donation goes to programs serving those people who need help.

Lisa Rabinsky

Lisa Rabinsky describes how she first heard about Food For The Poor and explains why she supports its mission.

David Landa

“God has blessed me,” says David Landa. Food For The Poor helps him turn his blessings into blessings for others.

Rosa Hurtado

Why do you give to Food For The Poor? “I feel like I’m making a difference out there to benefit someone who really needs it.” – Rosa Hurtado.

Daniel Bay

How do you feel about how your donations to Food For The Poor are spent? “It brings joy to my heart,” says Daniel Bay.

Charles Coxon

Food For The Poor donor Charles Coxon shares why he supports the charity.