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We're delighted that you're interested in having your gift matched by your employer. Make sure to use our search box to see if your employer matches gifts or call Donor Service at 1-800-427-9104 with any questions.

Download this Poster for your Cubicle

Bottled Water Poster

Help the poor by displaying this poster in your office, cubicle, or company cafeteria. Share your passion for helping the poor with your co-workers, while encouraging them to get involved by utilizing their employer match.

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Matching Gift Groups

What is it? A matching gift group is a group of your fellow co-workers who work together to help alleviate poverty in the Caribbean and Latin America. Your group will decide what area of need you want to raise money for or select a specific project to support. Currently we are in need of schools, tilapia farms, and community water projects.

How to start a matching gift group.

1. Decide on a fundraising project or area of need.

2. Enter your fund information on the create your page form.

3. Receive access to your online fundraising center and start raising money for the poor!

If you have further questions about forming a matching gift group, please call Donor Service at 1-800-427-9104.